Emerging Hope

We recently celebrated Easter which is about new life and new hope through God’s Son, Jesus. We remembered Jesus’ death on Good Friday and His resurrection on Easter Sunday.

In the life cycle of a butterfly, a caterpillar hides away in a chrysalis until it re-emerges in its new and beautiful form. We are using the image of a butterfly to represent new life and hope.

We invite you to decorate a butterfly. These will be used to create a display outside the Church building as a message of Emerging Hope.

Step 1 Choose a butterfly template or create your own –

about A5 size please. A template is available here.

Step 2 Decorate your butterflies. Make them as colourful as

possible. You could use pens, pencils, crayons or paint.

The finished design must be flat!

Step 3 Pop it in the box at the church (there will be a box available outside).

Please return all butterflies by the end of May 2021.